Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Some features provided on this website may require registration. By registering on this website and in consideration of your use of this website, you agree to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself. For registration, please visit our Member Registration Agreement for details; For online shopping and sales, please visit our Terms of Sale and Customer Assistance for details.

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When you use this website or conduct any operations related to this website, you or a third party acting on your behalf should comply with the following matters, including but not limited to:

1. Comply with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, as well as the applicable terms of this website;

"Do not use any hardware or software to damage or interfere with the normal operation of this website and related systems, including but not limited to computers or communication systems, networks, software applications, and networks or computing equipment used by servers and/or users of this website;";

"Do not make unauthorized access to this website and related systems, or secretly intercept any system, data, or personal information from this website;";

4. Without the express written consent of CNSUYOU.COM, it is not allowed to conduct data monitoring or cause system blocking on this website and related systems;

5. Do not probe, detect, or scan any vulnerabilities in the relevant systems of this website, or violate relevant security and authentication measures;

6. Do not frame this website or use our ownership tags as meta tags. Such marks include, but are not limited to, "CNSUYOU. COM" and "WWW. CNSUYOU. COM";

"Without the express written consent of CNSUYOU.COM, it is not allowed to use frameworks or use framework processing technology or technology to close any content on this website;";

8. Without the express written consent of CNSUYOU.COM, no website content may be used for any meta tag or any other "hidden text" technology or technology;

9. Do not engage in any other behavior that affects the operation and security of this website and related systems, or affects the security of CNSUYOU.COM and user data on this website.

CNSUYOU.COM reserves the right to refuse or delete the registration of any person on this website, remove any person from this website, or restrict or terminate any person's browsing or use of this website at its sole discretion without notice. "You are responsible for any charges or other legal liabilities you place or incur prior to the relevant termination.". "Termination of your browsing or use will not exempt or affect any other rights or remedies CNSUYOU.COM may have at law.".